Kristalon is a fertilizer that allows you to save on fertilizing.  Instructions for use

Kristalon is a fertilizer that allows you to save on fertilizing. Instructions for use

Crystalon is a fertilizer that is suitable for most plants, since all the components inside are in a chelated form. This means that the micronutrients are combined with the organic membrane, thanks to which the root system absorbs nutrients faster. The consumption of chelated fertilizers is always lower than that of conventional salt forms of complex mixtures, most of which are not assimilated at all.

Fertilizer Crystalon is a good tip for novice gardeners or home plant lovers. Due to the variety of species, you can choose a top dressing for a specific plant or garden crop.

There is an instruction for everyone, but even with a slight excess of the dosage, there are no problems, since the nutrient components are absorbed in the right amount – this is the advantage of chelated fertilizers.

Nutrient formula

In appearance, the fertilizer resembles crystals, it dissolves well in water, without forming a precipitate. Includes:

  • nitrogen in three forms;
  • phosphorus and potassium;
  • trace elements.

Plants at each stage of development need different elements. For example, in spring, when the green mass is actively growing, nitrogen is most needed. During flowering and fruiting – phosphorus and potassium. Therefore, the composition is formed in such a way that at any time of the year it is possible to buy Kristalon, which corresponds to the stage of cultural development.

Saturation occurs quickly, especially when used for foliar feeding. According to reviews, Kristalon fertilizer tidies up the appearance of the plant in 2 – 3 days.


Exists 11 types of fertilizers: universal, yellow, red, blue, orange, scarlet, lilac, azure, brown, white, for cucumbers.

crystalon fertilizer method of application

The most commonly used universal, since it has equal parts of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. You can feed this mixture at any time when there is a deficiency of nutrients: the leaves lose their color or turn purple due to a lack of phosphates, the ovaries fall off, vegetables ripen poorly.

The instructions for use of Universal Kristalon say that it is successfully used for foliar feeding, which helps to increase the amount of protein compounds in tissues and fruits.

crystalon red fertilizer

The mixture in a yellow package contains more phosphorus, which contributes to the strengthening and active growth of the root system. It is used mainly for seedlings, as well as in adverse environmental conditions.

Fertilizer red Kristalon is used in the period before flowering, as well as during fruit ripening, as it contains a large amount of potassium. The same effect for the brown mixture, but it is more suitable for sandy soils.

White Kristalon is intended for foliar feeding of any crops. Suitable for ornamental, berry crops and fruit trees.

crystalon fertilizer for raspberries

The name “Cucumber” speaks for itself. It is used in greenhouses and open ground for feeding cucumbers. Method of application of Kristalon cucumber fertilizer – watering the garden bed dissolved in water during growth.

The pink mixture is intended for feeding decorative roses – indoor and outdoor. Also suitable for peonies, tulips, asters and other lush blooming plants.

Pros and cons

Thanks to the special production method, the nutritional mixture has a number of advantages:

  • reduces the amount of chemicals in vegetables – the fertilizer itself does not accumulate in the fruits, which makes them safe for consumption;
  • economical use;
  • top dressing in early spring protects plants from night frosts and daytime temperature changes;
  • the use of kristallon makes it possible to grow flower products that keeps cut for a long time, vegetables have long shelf life and high nutritional value;
  • balanced intake of nutrients, as a result of which chemical reactions proceed faster, crops develop better and bring large yields;
  • you can feed with crystalon once every two years;
  • combined with organic fertilizers, as well as mineral mixtures on a salt basis.

Of the minuses, only the price category can be called. However, given the amount required for a one-time feeding and the degree of absorption of trace elements by the root system, it can be said that, in general, the mixture is cheaper than similar mineral compositions of nutrients.

How to use for different crops

The main use in the garden is this is watering. It is necessary to dilute the required amount of crystals in a bucket of water and water each plant with a watering can. Foliar spraying uses less nutrient fluid.

Video: Experts about Crystalon fertilizer

In spring, it is best to use both methods to protect roots and keep leaves from withering in unstable environmental conditions.

Examples and dosages of fertilizer for popular crops:

  • Potatoes – yellow or brown crystal is used. It is important to have time to water at the beginning of growth and during the flowering period. Approximate amount of mixture 1 – 2 kg per hectare.
  • Grapes – yellow or brown appearance. Used during the pouring and ripening of berries. The interval between dressings – 14 days. number 1 – 2 kg / ha.
  • Fruit trees – when the buds open in the spring, as well as during treatment with chemicals from pests. A universal crystal is used.
  • Fertilizer crystalon for raspberries and other berry crops use red when pouring berries or universal in spring.

The rest of the varieties can be used as needed – depending on the type of soil or weather conditions.

For indoor plants

For feeding decorative home flowers, blue, red and yellow crystals are used. In blue most nitrogen, so it is suitable for green leafy plants, for example dracaena, ficus.

fertilizer crystalon red application

Red used for flowering indoor plants – Chinese rose, violets, roses. Potassium has a positive effect on the size of the peduncles, the duration of flowering, brightness.

Yellow crystalon apply for fast rooting when transplanting, since the increased amount of phosphates has a positive effect on the root system and its survival.

For cacti can be applied red fertilizer but you cannot overdo it, since all succulents love calcium, but it is not in the mixture. It is recommended to combine kristalon with other nutritional mixtures.

For ease of use, a liquid top dressing is produced, which is preliminarily diluted with water and watered with indoor crops.

Kristalon for tomatoes

For home growing tomatoes used universal and red crystal. In early spring, yellow is used for rooting seedlings, and blue with an increased nitrogen part is used for a quick set of green mass.

Depending on the type of soil and weather conditions, they choose which is best suited. In the greenhouse – blue, in the open field – yellow. In mild climates – versatile. During flowering – red, so that the bushes do not shed their ovaries due to lack of potassium.

crystalon fertilizer reviews

On an industrial scale, you will need 2 kg of mixture per 1 hectare of planting. For a garden bed you will need 2g of substance per bucket of water. Can be applied by spraying. In summer, foliar feeding is carried out early in the morning or in the evening so that the sun does not burn wet leaves.

If you combine top dressing with spraying with chemicals from diseases and pests, then the bushes better tolerate the use of pesticides.

Feeding cucumbers

Cucumber crystal is used at the stage of growing seedlings from seeds, as well as after transplanting into a greenhouse or open ground. The use of fertilizer allows significantly increase the yield – up to 30%.

For greenhouse plants fertilizer dosage 10 – 20 g per bucket of water. Water once a week after pre-moistening the soil. For open field plants the concentration is the same, but watering is carried out once every 2 weeks.

Foliar spraying cucumbers by crystalon every 7 – 10 days, dissolving 10 g crystals in a bucket of warm water. Regular use eliminates the risk of potassium starvation, which leads to the formation of irregularly shaped fruits.

For lawns and needles

Yara lawn fertilizers are used in spring. It is not recommended to use them in the second half of summer. This helps the grass to settle down and grow a strong root system.

In this case, the next year the lawn will rise by itself without additional measures. The vegetation cover is resistant to drought, does not require frequent watering. During spring temperature fluctuations it does not freeze. It will take from 6 to 10 kg of the mixture per one hundred square meters of lawn. It is applied before sowing the grass in the topsoil and evenly distributed.

After every second mow, that is once every 2 weeks recommended to make another 2 kg for the whole area and then pour water over the soil to dissolve the crystals.

A complex mixture for feeding ephedra contains nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and trace elements. The recommended dosage must not be exceeded, since a large amount of nitrogen causes yellowing of the needles. On a bucket of water need to make quarter cap liquid nutrient mixture, water every 2 weeks under the root.

Application rules and compatibility

It is important for those new to gardening to know that Crystalon has its own expiration dates. For example, after preparation of the working solution, it retains useful properties. about 6 hours. Therefore, fertilizer must be applied to the soil within 6 hours after mixing with water.

All Kristalon fertilizers combine well with each other. It is not recommended to apply together with metal-containing chemicals for the destruction of pests, for example, copper or iron sulfate. The fact is that ferrous iron useful for plants in the soil quickly combines with trace elements of the nutrient mixture and becomes trivalent, which is not absorbed by plants.

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